Version 23.0.2 (9/23/2023)

  • Fix silly bug where a line magically moved to the wrong place (link)

Version 23.0.1 (9/23/2023)

  • Various dependabot updates to libraries

Version 23.0.0 (1/15/2023)

  • Add option to store default directory in config file (currently no UI for that) (link)
  • Fix regression where classes in webextract get added multiple times (link)

Version 22.3.1 (11/27/2022)

  • Finish refactoring, format into Python package (link)
  • Read defaults and globals from a config file stored in ~/.config/xwordlist, replace configargparse with argparse and remove --config option which is no longer applicable, move all applicable config code to (link)
  • Refactor WebExtract to prepare for subclassing modules: we want specific websites to have special subclasses preformatted with parseDict and webExtract arguments (link)

Version 22.3.0 (11/13/2022)

  • Refactor class into a separate module (link)
  • Refactor web extraction into a separate module (link)
  • Check that minimum is given an integer, alert user and quit if not (link)

Version 22.2.2 (11/5/2022)

  • Allow multiple input files (e.g., --input file1.txt file2.txt) (link)
  • Look for unknown items in configuration settings and if found, alert user and quit (link)

Version 22.2.1 (10/28/2022)

  • Last version switched functionality of line2word and word2word. Fixed! (link)

Version 22.2.0 (10/27/2022)

  • Add new catch-all options line2word and word2word which wrap alphabetize, case, dedupe, minimum and strip (plus convert in the case of line2word) into one option (link)
  • Create new DEFAULTS global variable to capture all defaults in one place rather than sprinkling through out the class (link)
  • Add reverse sort to --alphabetize option (normal sort is default) (link)
  • Update default configuration file for all new options and to make text more clear (link)

Version 22.1.9 (10/25/2022)

  • Fix how user’s home directory is specified so it is more cross platform (link)

Version 22.1.8 (10/24/2022)

  • Add --config option to help user discover where their configuration file is located (link)
  • Clean up global names and how the variables are created to give more durability to referencing user home directory (link)

Version 22.1.7 (10/23/2022)

  • Better checking for configuration file, won’t fail if can’t find one (link)
  • Add second location for configuration file, both same directory as executable (default) and ~/xwordlist/ directory (link)
  • Make include requirements for other Python modules less specific (link)

Version 22.1.6 (10/22/2022)

  • Add -v/--version option that pulls automatically from project setup file (link)
  • Fix defect where software can’t find the configuration file location (link)
  • Move initialization of IMPACT_COLOR to same place as other globals (link)

Version 22.1.5 (10/21/2022)

Initial commit